2008 Ford Focus

Ford Focus A/C Evaporator Core Removal


As you begin to remove the different items on the vehicle, I would recommend that you put each bolt and screw temporarily back in each part as you begin to disassemble so that you can know where everything goes. Just remember to remove them when reinstalling.  I started by removing the seats.  You’ll have to disconnect the modular plugs under each seat before removal.  These have a certain type of plug which requires that you flip a latching device around before unplugging each plug.  Then remove 4 bolts.  If you don’t have an AllDataDIY account for your car, I would recommend it as that’s what I used for this project.


ConsoleAndSeatsRemovedYour manual will show where to remove the screws and the plugs for this part of the project.  You’ll have some 10mm screws and snaps.  Remove the back piece of the console first, then remove all screws per the manual and pick up the back first and slide the cover assy out.  From there, you can start to remove the shift assy and also the parking brake assy.  You’ll only have to remove the retaining bolts for the parking brake so you can just lay it down on the floor.  this will make it easier to remove the heater core/evaporator assy when the time comes. 


Seats and Console removal

AccesstoShiftActuatorRemove the piece shown in order to get the shifter in neutral as the battery will be disconnected. It’s very small, so save it in a plastic bag or something.  I used a dental pic to remove it and also, you’ll use a small screwdriver to operate the actuator that will allow you to move the shift unit.  





Ok, here we are with the steering wheel removed.  You’ll want to make sure the steering wheel is centered AND LOCKED before removal.  The manual advised that you’re not to use the same bolts for remounting the assy.  I decided to reuse them as they are not made of plastic or anything like that.Remove all plugs as per the manual before removing the screws and nuts.


Remove the dash cover pieces as per the manual and also the gauge cluster. This will allow you to get access to the rest of the assemblies you’ll need to remove.  Once the shift unit and console are removed , you can proceed with the removal of the 6 bolts that remove the dash assy.  Don’t forget the one on top and the driver side door jamb.  You’ll need to remove the door trim in order to access these bolts. If you’re not freaking out by now, proceed, you’re about half way through.



Ok, here it is with the dash removed.  You can now see the heater core and evaporator assy in the middle




HeaterCoreAndEvaporatorOutThere are screws on the inside and on the firewall outside that you’ll have to remove.  Along with the A/C connections (outside top) and the heater hoses ( outside bottom) that have to be removed.  You’ll want to avail yourself of one of those freaky hose clamp removal tools for those spring-type clamps that they use on the heater hoses ( it will make the job a lot easier ).



HoseClampToolHose Clamp Tool.  Saves lots of time.  Auto parts store has them.






HeaterCoreAndEvaporatorOutThis is the heater core/evaporator assy removed and on the garage floor.  Now, you have to remove the evaporator from this unit.  You can do this without removing the heater core or the blower motor.  There is a cover on top of it that needs to be removed. This procedure won’t be in the manual as they recommend that you replace the whole unit, however, that’s about 700 dollars and you can just buy the evaporator online and replace it.  You can reassemble the unit and reinstall everything in the reverse order.  There are about 1000 pieces you have to reconnect and screw together, hope you kept track of everything.

DrainLineAlthough you probably can’t see this, but when you remove the heater hoses below, you’ll see the A/C drain outlet.  A tell tale sign of evaporator problems is that you’ll see the green dye around the edges of the outlet, showing signs of leakage. You’ll have to go under the car to see this. 

Ford Focus A/C Evaporator Core RemovalFord Focus A/C Evaporator Core Removal

IMG_2175Here is the offending part ( evaporator core ), with green dye all over it showing that it’s leaking like a sieve.  I bought mine online for about 49 dollars. A lot cheaper than the 700 dollar unit that the dealership wants to sell you.  Just a side note here, the heater core removal does not require you to disassemble the whole unit.  You can take that out from inside the vehicle and the procedure for that is outlined in the manual.  So if you just have a problem with the heater core, it will be much easier than tearing apart the whole car like we had to do here.