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Dodge D350

YouTube Videos on Drum Brakes:

This will outline the steps taken for drum brake replacement.

Click for YouTube on D350 Drum Brakes


If your cruise control no longer works, it is most likely your clock spring on the steering column.  

Remove the 3 screws behind the horn button on the steering wheel and remove horn button and 2 horn wire connections.  Remove cruise control button connector from assembly.  At this point, you will want to check continuity of the cruise control buttons ( mine had to be replaced because they were shot ).  From there, you can access the nut ( remove nut ). Use a puller to remove the steering wheel ( obtained from the parts store ). Once removed, you will see the clock spring assy located behind where the steering wheel was.



Refer to the diagram above to test the cruise control switches.  If you’re not getting continuity, you may have to take the assembly apart and clean the switches.  I ordered a used set on Ebay and did have to clean the switches with contact cleaner ( from parts store ). Don’t use brake cleaner, there is a type of electronic cleaner that is not harmful to plastics and that’s what you will use.





The 525-104 clock spring is available and will fit this truck, however, you have to modify the plug wiring according to the picture to the left.  The wiring goes as follows: Yel/Red on plug to GRN on clock spring, Brn/Red on plug to BLK on clock spring, WT/Red on plug to WT on clock spring, WT/LtGrn on plug to RED on clock spring.  You will be using the old plug from the original clock spring. There are other connections for the air bag that will not be used on your first gen Dodge.  This clock spring is used on later model vehicles, however, as stated, the original clock spring 4688655 is no longer available for this truck.


20170406_205628You will have to test the horn wire (gray wire shown ) for continuity to the pin on back of the clock spring shown below.  I had to go through 8 different clock springs before finding one that had a working horn connection.  This was apparently a manufacturing defect that Dorman will have to fix at some point.





HornPinTest for continuity from horn wire to this pin. If there is no continuity, have the parts store order another one for you before you go to the trouble of installing this unit and find out that the horn does not work.  I notified Dorman of this problem and they will hopefully address it at some point.