D350 AC Retrofit

D350 A/C Retrofit

This page outlines the A/C retrofit for the D350.  The compressor I ordered was from BuyAutoparts for the 1993 Dodge D350. I had to use their part #, which was 6001551.  That fits the diesel w/intercooler.
TransCoolerThe 20 x 14 parallel flow condenser is on the left ( trans cooler on the right ).  I replaced the original with one of this size dimensions so I could add a larger transmission cooler in the vehicle.  Since I’m converting to a parallel flow condenser, the increased efficiency should compensate for the size difference.  I felt it was important to have plenty of transmission cooling since it’s a non-lockup transmission.



HighSideFittingHigh side connection coming from the top of the condenser.  #8 fitting on the condenser.






ExpansionValveD350This one shows the low side connection between the compressor and the expansion valve unit.  All items were replaced with new and are adapted to R134.  My A/C guru welded the tubing for the sensor insert and everything.  Be careful where you cut the original tubing since you will not want to cut the thermocouple tube inside it.  This is located near the firewall.


DryerDryer installed next to air filter system.


Below is a PDF diagram of the system.