Mercedes E320 CDI

My Mercedes E320 CDI


This page is an overview of the maintenance and repair I’ve done on my Mercedes E320 CDI.  I have some YouTube videos of the various fixes I’ve done below.  I think I’ll have a nice car once everything is done, it seems to have a lot of luxury features which will take some time to get accustomed to since my previous vehicle was a Ford Focus.  This car wasn’t my first choice, I really was in the process of buying a Lexus ES350, which is also a nice car.  Unfortunately, the girl I was to buy it from, for lack of a better description, “Wigged Out” on me and changed the price while we were at the bank, so I decided to dump that kook in favor of other possibilities.  Being that my truck is a Cummins diesel, I thought this diesel Mercedes would be a nice addition to my small collection.

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YouTube Videos:


Clean and prep for injector installation

This video outlines the removal and cleaning process to prepare for installation.  My injectors had leaks in them and the washers were no longer sealing either.  Click on the YouTube video above to view the removal and cleaning process.


Injector installation

This video outlines the installation process of the injectors.  According to M&D Distributors, the fact that the previous owner of the vehicle never replaced the air filter on this diesel is the primary reason why these injectors acquire leaks and fail.  If you own one of these, make sure to replace the air filter regularly.


NGK glow plug removal video

This is a neat NGK video ( no audio necessary ) that gives a very informative pictorial view of the removal and replacement of glow plugs. I noticed that their video specifies a torque of 15 NM instead of the 19 NM specified in my manual.  I went with 15 NM on mine, even though I mention 19 NM in the video below, ignore that torque and set yours for 15 NM.


 My glow plug removal video

This is my video showing the process of removing and installation of 6 new Bosch glow plugs.  Again, set your installation torque to 15 NM not the 19 NM specified in my manual.  Since you’re going into an aluminum head, you’re better off with the 15 specified in the NGK video IMHO.

Tools I used for this process:

Cleaning tools:

Brass Cleaning Brushes Harbor Freight #61923 ( use the brass ones in the set )


Datavac MDV-1BA Amazon



Star Wrenches


Seat Cutter ( AutoToolzz V-VT01655 Ebay ) For BMW and Mercedes.


Injector Seat Cleaning Brush Set


Injector Removal Tool MBB1299 Ebay


Tools and parts item set 1


Tools and parts item set 2