AAV Test and Fix

Originally, I was only able to get the Auxiliary Air Valve to close about 90%.  I performed the tests per Kirby’s book and the Mike Morrin trick with the self-tapping screw into the piston holes of the AAV did the trick.  I was able to do some cleaning and added a bit of WD40 and was able to get it to close all the way in subsequent tests.  The AAV is on the left rear of the engine as viewed from the driver’s side. .  See Kirby Palm’s Jaguar XJS Help book regarding the AAV test for additional details.




This one shows the AAV now closes all the way after performing the repairs. Make sure the adjustment is all the way in when making doing this test. Then, when closed, you should blow into the side port and air should not pass through the top ( connect a piece of hose to the side before doing so you don’t burn you lips.  I was able to avail myself of a hose that fit nicely into the side port. 






AAV open after cool down period.

This allows additional air to enter the engine for the warm up period.  There is a side adjust for idle calibration once the engine is warmed up.  This can be adjusted when the engine is up to temperature.