Fixing Electrical Connections

On this page, I address the poor Lucas electronics connections using a vinegar solution to clean and then a tinning solution to further protect the connections from additional corrosion.

Corroded Connector

This is how the connections on the Lucas Ignition Amp looked originally. I made a vinegar solution ( white vinegar ) and immersed the connectors into the solution for about an hour.  The following pics show the results.





This connector cleaned in a vinegar solution

After cleaning in the vinegar solution, you can see the difference. You can see my Youtube video for more info HERE.

In the video, I use a small container to immerse the connectors in, however, for connectors that are still on the vehicle, you can just put the vinegar solution in a plastic bag with a bit of vinegar in it as well.  You can also wrap the connectors in a vinegar-soaked paper towel. Some connections are covered in insulation, so you’ll have to make sure to have the bag or container filled with enough white vinegar so as to make sure the metal connector is completely immersed in vinegar. This process leaves the copper base exposed and you will have to tin the connector with a solution for more protection ( see below ).


Finished and tinned connector

This is the finished product.  From corroded connector to finished and tinned.  Looks MUCH better.  As stated before, you can see the complete video HERE.


MG Chemicals Liquid Tin

This is what I used for the tinning process ( ordered on Ebay ).  I immersed the connectors in the liquid for about an hour for best results.  The tinning process is in the same YouTube video.